Halloween driving safety: Beware of goblins they are out to get you!

Oct 12, 2018

Drivers beware this Halloween as Metro Vancouver neighborhoods can turn into little road of horrors, as the little rascals, criss cross double cross roads, laneways and intersections without a nary a thought to the poor drivers! Our best recommendation to drivers, is stay out of the fright and stay home for the night!

Safe Driving on HalloweenHalloween driving safety

Halloween is always about the trick first and the little Batmans' and Darth Vaders' will be sure to dress all in black, so they are invisible. If you happen to venture out into the dark of all hallows eve, we recommend to follow the rules of the road and so much more:  

  1. Be the turtle, not the hare: take your time, mosey along, pretend you are in a school zone, and be the last to arrive. 
  2. Ensure you are illuminated: bright lights please – the brighter the better to bounce off all the reflective tape every ghost and goblin will be wearing.
  3. Test your horn before leaving your garage: you want to announce your presence before entering any haunted neighborhoods. It’s in your best interest to let the zombies know you are arriving.
  4.  Halloween is sure to be a rainy or snowy night in many parts of BC. You want extremely clear vision to see all the princesses and ninjas jaywalking through the neighborhoods. Ensure wipers are working for both the windshield and rear window.
  5. Pack earplugs. You don’t want to be spooked while driving when the big bang theory goes off. Irresponsible astronauts will be sure to explode their rockets just when you are entering the school zone.
  6. Be like a Boy Scout and be prepared:  little spooks coming to your door to trick or treat without the proper safety gear - hand out glow sticks, reflective tape and even mini flashlights.

You get the picture, Be on the look out – you never know what will jump out at you on October 31! Leave the car at home, hit the sidewalks and take a stroll in your own neighborhood. But if you are driving on Halloween night, channel the traffic cop in you and drive slow and keep in mind the top Halloween driving safety tips. 



Risk Factors: don't be a statistic on Halloween

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Halloween is a combination of risk factors that creates the perfect storm.

  • Drunk driving:  48 percent of crash-related fatalities involve a drunk driver compared to 31 percent the rest of the year.  
  • More pedestrians on the roads: On Halloween night, 28 percent of fatalities are among those out walking; on any other day, pedestrians account for 14 percent of crash deaths.
  • Inability to see children. Unfortunately, black is the favorite color for Halloween costumes which is incredibly hard to see, coupled with face masks that make it hard for kids to see when they are darting in between parked cars and across streets. 

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