Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance is a specialty line of insurance practiced by a few specialized British Columbia brokers. There are unique risks associated with aviation-related businesses, which standard insurance policies don’t cover. Aviation-specific insurance policies are designed to address these exclusions, which is why it is important that you work with an aviation insurance expert at Reliance Insurance – preventing gaps in coverage is key.

Insurance designed specifically for aviation risk

  • Aircraft hull
  • Aircraft liability
  • Aviation general liability
  • Aviation products liability

Types of Aviation Operations

  • Fixed wing and rotary wing commercial operations
  • Fixed wing and rotary wing private operations
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul companies
  • Non-owned aircraft liability
  • Flight training schools
  • Airport premises and hangar-keepers liability

Aviation insurance is a highly specialized area – talk to our aviation insurance experts who will help you navigate this area and get the coverage you need.


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