Global Companies

Almost 60% of all Canadian mid-sized companies sell their products or service also outside of Canada. The times are over when only large organizations operated on a multinational basis. An increasing number of middle-sized companies are doing business abroad in order to expand to new markets, find less expensive production opportunities or to build international relationships.

Preparing to operate in foreign countries

Globalization provides enormous business potential but Canadian companies have to deal with different business protocols and country specific laws. There is more to consider - different jurisdictions, different environments, different currencies, other local requirements, other risks and possible non-compliant activities. Accordingly, not only your business model has to be in line with local characteristics – a look at your risk and insurance management is essential for self-assured international operations. Therefore you have to think outside of the box.

Extensive analysis, proactive control, and transnational knowledge are necessary in order to have an international insurance program in place without coverage gaps or duplicate insurances. Additionally, a multinational risk management program helps you to control uninsurable risks abroad and helps to prevent disasters.

Reliance Insurance risk management analysis and strategy

  • We examine how your international interrelations work and develope a risk analysis
  • Develop a suitable world-wide risk management with mitigation, recovery and insurance strategies
  • Examine different insurance models, such as stand-alone coverages, coordinated or integrated programs – we tailor your program to your global and individual local needs
  • With our partner brokers in over 55 countries we coordinate your international risks on a world basis with centralized control
  • We care about global and local changes and make sure that every local characteristic is considered – you get the service you need on global and local basis

Doing business beyond Canadian borders

With this approach you are able to expand and operate confidently on a multinational basis - Let us do global business together. Call Reliance Insurance Commercial to book your risk-free global insurance evaluation.

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