Hospitality & Tourism 

Your business is unique, is your hospitality insurance program?

Hotels, restaurants, pubs and night clubs are as varied as the guests who patronize them. People visit your establishment for any number of reasons, they keep coming back because of the great experience, that’s your brand. It’s what makes you stand out, are you doing everything possible to protect that brand?

Whether you are serving a customer a drink, a meal or providing a place to rest you need to ensure you are working with an insurance broker who understands the details and value of what you do.

Types of hospitality insurance

In the BC hospitality industry, we are fortunate to have sound regulations and safety requirements such as Serving it Right programs. However, Reliance Insurance can help you reach beyond the basic requirements and help your hospitality company achieve best practices which can help mitigate the many inherent risks associated to providing hospitality services.

  • Property Insurance: we evaluate the property for physical insurance, visual security and security measures. We help you keep your property and your patrons safe.
  • Liability Insurance: not only is there an insurance requirement for personal injury, slip and falls, but unique to hospitality is insurance for over consumption, food and beverage and fights.
  • Employer's liability insurance: protect you employees and protect your company from negligence conduct from an employee
  • Directors' & Officers insurance: for larger organizations who have directors and officers, you will want to ensure all parties are covered in the event of an insurance claim.

Reliance BrandProtect System

Reliance insurance has extensive expertise in working with clients in this sector and understands the complex and ongoing changes in legislation relating to licensing details for each. Our unique risk management process allows us to tailor your coverage and best practices specific to your individual business. It will help identify areas where you are venerable and bring solution based actions to mitigate those areas. This includes our proprietary BrandProtect System making sure all steps are taking to proactively manage your unique brand, the personal brands of your shareholder & executive teams, and keep them safe and strong.


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