Umbrella Liability Insurance 

With the number of multi-million dollar lawsuits and settlements increasing, an umbrella liability insurance policy provides protection against catastrophic losses when your existing liability insurance policies limits are inadequate or cannot cover all the expenses. Essentially, it picks up where your general liability, business automobile liability or other liability coverage stops, providing extra protection against suits from third parties for bodily injury and/or property damage.

Benefits of additional umbrella insurance

When your standard insurance policy limits have been depleted due to claims, umbrella liability insurance expands the limit of general liability and provides additional coverage that sits on top of your primary commercial general liability and automobile policy.

Our experts at Reliance Insurance can assist in determining how an Umbrella Liability policy can best protect you and your assets.

Cover all your bases

Umbrella policies can provide additional limits of insurance, as well as offer additional coverages that your primary liability policy may not. For example, umbrella liability policies usually provide worldwide coverage where a general liability policy may be limited to Canada or Canada and the US only.

You should consider an umbrella policy if you:

  • Own multiple properties and companies
  • Own businesses that transact in the United States
  • Travel the world on business
  • Purchase minimum limits of automobile liability

Umbrella insurance policies bring peace of mind to business owners and financial officers– work with our insurance experts to explore your options.


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