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Managing risk in the United States

Doing business in the United States can open up an organization's marketplace tenfold and with great opportunity comes great risk. Are you properly insured for the litigious US market place?

Reliance has senior staff that has lived and worked in the United States, and are experts in the diverse products required to protect you from:

  • Compliance risk
  • Product liability
  • Ambiguous and highly litigious contract wording
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Cross-border trade issues
  • Protecting U.S.-based property and assets
  • Human resources policies

Local insurance support

Different jurisdictions have different insurance requirements, and failing to comply can result in serious fines and potentially shut down the operation and/or restrict your organization’s ability to trade in that foreign jurisdiction. Having local insurance experts available to advise you is key to securing the right coverage. Reliance Insurance is a partner member of WING Reliance Insurance has local expertise and language skills in over 50 countries.

Comprehensive global insurance program

Insuring your assets and businesses in a global market requires expertise and consistency.

  • We also provide you with a results-oriented risk management program that creates a solid foundation for your global business. Based on a model used by Fortune 500 companies, this program:
  • Protects employees, customers, and EBITDA
  • Offers business cases to help you make informed decisions around risk mitigation and recovery strategies
  • Provides a paper trail of due diligence
  • Helps reduce the day-to-day noise experienced by executives

Whether you have a manufacturing facility in Detroit, a sales team in China, or a mining operation in South America, Reliance Insurance has a global team in place to support your organization’s global objectives while minimizing the risk.


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