Webinar: Cannabis in the workplace

  • Dates: 12 – 12 Jun, 2018
  • Address: Webinar

Canada is preparing for the legalization of cannabis in 2018.  How will this legislation affect HR policies related to medical marijuana in the work place?

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Webinar Overview:

Reliance Insurance is pleased to present a risk reduction web seminar led by Pamela Bragg from Sarkany Management Inc., a leading Canadian management and human resource consulting company. This fast-paced seminar is packed with industry insight and best practices. Understand your rights and prepare your strategy to have practical tools, recommendations and policies suited to you.

Get the latest information on the rights, responsibilities and risks to employers regarding cannabis in the workplace: 
  • How does the Federal Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations impact your work place?
  • How to manage duty to accommodate for cannabis use for medical reasons?
  • What rights do employees have when they have a "prescription" for medical cannabis?
  • Does your organization have a policy in place that clearly outlines the company expectations with alignment of HR laws?
Using tangible examples and case studies you will learn: 
  • Discuss employee and employer obligations with regard to the use of cannabis.
  • Rights of employers and employees for workplaces that have safety-sensitive positions. 
  • Recognize the rights, responsibilities and risks for both employers and employees to avoid unnecessary litigation.
  • Identify the various ways the use of cannabis impacts the employer-employee relationship, and what you can do about it.
  • Identify what employers should be doing now to prepare for the pending legalization by reviewing their workplace drug and alcohol policies.



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