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Call: 604.255.4616

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Being the custodian of a client's car has special risks. Talk to your advisor today to find out how to get the best coverage for a premium you can afford.

Commercial Garage Insurance

Garages offer a broad range of services and repairs including bodywork, painting, rustproofing, and coating exposures. Body work can include welding, frame-straightening, patching, filling, replacement of panels, and fibreglass work. Operations also may include towing and storage services. You don’t want to find out you are underinsured and suddenly liable for uncovered claims, especially if one of your customers’ vehicles is involved.

Types of commercial garage insurance

There are two different types of insurance specific to commercial garage operations. The first is liability for damage to customers’ vehicles while they’re at your premises and/or in your custody and control (for example, test driving, delivery, etc.). The second type of policy covers damage or loss caused by your work.

Who needs commercial garage insurance?

  • Auto repair garages
  • Specialty shops
  • Auto glass repair shops
  • Auto detailers

We understand that unfavorable incidents can occur. Our goal as your advisor is to help you put checks and balances in place to mitigate any future risks. Talk to one of our commercial risk advisors at 604.255.4616.

Analyze your risk for the following exposures

Property exposure from fire comes from the oils, solvents, or other flammables, which must be properly labelled, stored and separated. Welding exposures are often a part of the operation.

Cargo exposure comes from goods in transit. Employees who run errands to pick up various needed items then transport them back to operations.

Crime exposures related to money and securities. All ordering and inventory control should be handled by different individuals to have adequate checks and balances. There should be inventory control procedures in order to prevent employee theft. Cash should be maintained by a cashier with money regularly deposited.

Occupiers’ Liability exposure is from slip and falls by customers. Product liability concerns stem from vehicles that are not properly repaired. Check-off procedures should be in place.

Environmental impairment exposures exist from the disposal of used oils, solvents and other hazardous wastes. Disposal procedures need careful review.

Automobile liability exposures regarding fleet vehicles. All drivers should have valid licences and their MVRs should be regularly checked. If towing takes place, a more serious exposure exists. All tow drivers must be experienced in towing.

Garagekeepers exposure comes from the physical losses to customers’ vehicles while in the repair shop’s care, custody and control. Lots must be well lit and chains should be in place to prevent transport. Fences and other security also may be appropriate.

Commercial garage insurance ensures that you are adequately protected for the unique business operations.

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The collaboration with Reliance Insurance helps us achieve our business goals. This has helped to keep the product competitively priced and helps with on-boarding staff to meet demand in busy times. Reliance has been incredible to work with - very personable, easy to deal with, and they find the right insurance for our needs.

— Lavigne, President & Owner Eco Paving


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