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House Fire

Residential disasters, tips to help mitigate the damage

Common residential disasters -even when small- can create a lot of damage and may require extensive restoration. Be prepared is simple, but not easy advice. Begin planning for an emergency long before it happens.

Shopping for insurance simplified

The insurance industry knows it’s not the most glamorous, and there’s always going to be paperwork and documents to complete. That’s why Reliance Insurance believes customers deserve a simplified process for purchasing insurance coverage, whether it be for small business, commercial or personal (home, tenant, auto, boat).
custom cars by Hot Rod

World class custom car designer from Abbotsford, BC

Rod Nielson's big win at SEMA and his crazy process for custom building cars. You don’t need to be a car aficionado to know that the ’72 Mazda is a sick-whip car; built by a self-taught car enthusiast. And how do you insure a unique one-of-a-kind car.
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Boating in BC

The adventures of boating in beautiful British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia is home to some of the best boating in the world. From sport and recreational fishing to cruising and watersport activities. Make sure you have the correct insurance for your boating activities.
Flood Maple Ridge, BC

New report aims to better prepare Canadians for climate related disasters

Weathering the Storm: Developing a Canadian Standard for Flood Resilient Existing Communities, presents detailed analysis of the rise in climate related disasters, and the financial and emotional fall-out triggered by Canada’s most prevalent disaster: flooding.
Earthquake insurance

How to save on earthquake insurance deductibles

BC residents can save on earthquake deductibles with a earthquake deductible buy down policy.
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