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Call: 604.255.4616

  • Or complete the form for a callback

Call: 604.255.4616

  • Or complete the form for a callback
Reliance offers the fastest way to buy affordable renter's insurance in British Columbia. Protect your family, personal belongings, treasures and pets from damage, destruction or theft.

Protect yourself if you rent

If you’re renting an apartment, condo, townhouse or home, investigate the benefits of tenant insurance. Accidents happen and are often due to the fault of others. Be prepared and protect yourself, your home contents, and your family. Don’t be out of pocket because of a break-in, accident, flood, fire, slip and fall.

What does my landlord’s insurance cover?

Your landlord’s insurance policy covers the property, ie, the building, but it doesn’t protect your personal belongings inside the building or any liability claims against you personally. In Canada, you’re legally responsible for any damage or harm you cause others. A judge can hold you responsible in court and order you to pay these costs out of your own pocket.

If you have tenant insurance, the insurer will defend your case in court, cover your legal expenses, and pay the court settlement.

What if I have a claim?

The team at Reliance Insurance is here to help when you need it. We’ve partnered with a leading Canadian insurance company that specializes in Tenant Insurance and has a superb claim service reputation. We’re in the business of resolving insurance claims and we have a dedicated claims advocate to help you navigate the claim process.


Are you a senior residing in assisted living?
If your answer is yes, we have special rates for you. Call our home insurance brokers at 604-255-4616.


Key features of tenant insurance

  • If your personal property is stolen or damaged, the policy covers repairs or replacement. You can set the limit on the value you want insured. In multi-story buildings, common damage claims relate to water ingress. This could be due to leaking pipes, water overflow from sinks, showers, tubs, dishwashers, washing machines or a sprinkler system discharge.
  • Third-Party Liability coverage for up to 2 million dollars worldwide for property damage or bodily harm you accidentally cause. Liability insurance protects you against damages or injuries incurred to a person not residing in the home. For example, your house cleaner slips on a wet floor and breaks a leg.
  • Coverage that pays for unexpected expenses incurred if you have to leave your home while repairs are completed. Costs may include hotel bills, restaurant meals, and moving costs. This coverage pays for unexpected expenses when you cannot live in your apartment due to a covered loss.

Optional tenant insurance coverages

  • Sewer backup – British Columbia is known for its rain. Heavy precipitation can contribute to backups in the sewer systems. A flood of sewage entering your domicile can be dangerous to your health, costly to repair, and expensive to replace your belongings.
  • Earthquake coverage for tenants or renters – British Columbia is earthquake country. For a small additional monthly fee, you can purchase earthquake coverage for loss or damage caused by an earthquake.

If you have any additional questions please call our insurance agents at 604-255-4616.

We're in the business of resolving insurance claims and we have a dedicated claims advocate to help you navigate the process.

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Thank you Reliance for all your help. We could not have managed all of this without you. With the greatest of respect.

— Les Allen, Home Insurance Client

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