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Call: 604.255.4616

  • Or complete the form for a callback

Call: 604.255.4616

  • Or complete the form for a callback

Reliance Insurance has completed several of our own mergers and acquisitions. We come from a place of experience and expertise to help you close the deal.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Is every dollar saved on risk pre-sale a multiple of EBITDA when a company is sold? Of course! As a company that has done multiple acquisitions of its own, Reliance Insurance Agencies lives and breathes this reality.

Today’s private equity industry is one of the fastest-growing, most complex and important sectors of the global financial services area. To be successful, you need partners with deep roots in the industry – partners that are as creative, driven and entrepreneurial as you are.

Why use Reliance Insurance for Mergers & Acquisitions?

Who on your due diligence team has the experience and market knowledge to perform a qualified deep dive on a target’s insurance program? How are you being informed of any critical or synergistic insurance considerations pre and post-close in order to protect and maximize the value of the acquisition?

Reliance is one of a handful of insurance firms in Canada delivering this kind of special expertise for years and we have worked on transactions for Canadian, US, and European Private Equity and Investment firms in this space. Some transactions we’ve worked on have won the ACG’s Deal of The Year Award (Association for Capital Growth).

Due Diligence

We work quietly and seamlessly in the background scrubbing the data room for the standard information necessary to assess, quantify, benchmark where needed, and ultimately deliver an executive summary to help you make informed decisions with respect to pre and post-close programs considerations.

No matter where in the world you need expertise and coverage, Reliance can support you. As members of WING (Worldwide Insurance Networking Group), we can assess risk and place insurance for your firm anywhere in the world.

Our M&A expertise

  • Due diligence reports
  • Pre and post-close insurance program planning
  • Risk assessments
  • Implementation of insurance programs pre and post-close
  • Representations & Warranty (R&W) Insurance advice and options
  • Synergistic insurance and portfolio programs post-close
  • Risk management planning and Implementations
  • Cost forecasting

Pre and post-close insurance evaluations

An insurance review that takes place pre-close is the only way to ensure that important insurance and risk management items are addressed. A post-close review can still be a useful tool with regards to budgeting and overall program design and cost structure. The scope of the review will be slightly different, but the basic objectives will remain the same.

We will help ensure your investment is not over or underinsured and manage both its risk and insurance program over the life cycle of your investment.

Get a Quote Today

We have grown to trust, value and rely upon Reliance Insurance as the agents keep current and informed to our changing business, structure and needs.

— J. Schaus, Mergers

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