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It's a matter of when, not if, your food manufacturing or processing business will experience a food recall. Be prepared with Reliance Insurance.

Food contamination is common

Food contamination and product recalls, whether accidental or malicious, can have a devastating effect on a company’s reputation and bottom line. There are several coverage solutions designed to protect your interests.

Food contamination is almost inevitable

Companies are learning that food-related problems are almost inevitable. Our food insurance experts will provide you with contamination coverages that offer protection to companies throughout the entire food commerce chain, including processors, distributors, and retailers.

What does food contamination insurance cover?

Food contamination insurance coverage can cover:

  • Accidental product contamination
  • Malicious product tampering
  • Product extortion demand
  • Identifying the right coverage for your business interests and risk tolerance

Contamination coverage

  • Pre-recall expenses to identify cause, conduct lab testing and engage crisis consultants.
  • Recall expenses, including third-party, media costs, transport, storage, and redistribution.
  • Post-recall costs pertaining to loss of profits, rehabilitation, adverse publicity and cleaning costs.
  • Customer loss of profit.
  • Government recall.

Are you prepared?

With the staggering number of food product recalls trending in Canada and the USA, a product recall event could hit your business hard and fast and can affect a company’s financial stability and brand reputation. Food processors are passionate about their products and do everything they can to protect the public, but with the globalization of supply chain and ongoing regulation updates, it’s imperative that business interests are covered.

Why do I need food processor insurance?

Food, beverage and nutraceuticals processors, wholesalers, and distributors have specific, unique needs. In addition to standard business insurance such as liability insurance, it’s important to obtain coverage for:

  • Product recall
  • Contamination and infestation
  • Consequential loss, including power failure off-premises
  • Negative publicity and brand reputation injury
  • Spoilage due to breakdown or failure of refrigeration, cooling or heating
  • Business interruption for losses
  • Research and development interruption
  • Environmental pollution liability
  • Transportation floaters including reefer breakdown
  • Delayed shipments
  • Crime

Risk management for food processors

Our risk management advisors can address the risks facing food, beverage and nutraceuticals companies. Get the coverage to deliver on your goals and handle any worst-case scenarios.

Reliance will keep you updated on:

  • Important updates for Canadian and USA food regulators
  • Import safety
  • Enhanced partnerships with inspection agencies
  • Risk transfer strategies
  • Recall costs and insurance coverage
  • Managing reputation and brand reputation

Food contamination and product recalls can be catastrophic to your business.
Talk to the experts at Reliance for the right protection.

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Sun Rich has been a Reliance client for over a decade. The team surpassed all expectations by being proactive, supportive and creatively thoughtful in addressing risks. During those unfortunate times where we experienced a loss, they were steadfast in guiding us to successful conclusions and provided us with appropriate resources.

— Vice President, Finance, Sun Rich Fresh Foods Inc.

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