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Call: 604.255.4616

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Call: 604.255.4616

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Reliance will use risk audits to put your executive team ahead of your peers when managing enterprise-wide risk with today’s best practices.

How do your methods and systems compare to other organizations?

Who’s helping your organization with a strategic enterprise-wide gap analysis that will show you how your methods and systems compare to other organizations?

While many organizations have ISO, HACCP, and other certifications specific to their industry, those certifications often don’t measure, track, and provide solutions to threats like brand risk, employment practices, and 30+ other identifiable risks that can catch executives by surprise and adversely impact the bottom line, customer relations, and company morale.

Using risk audits, we help busy executives identify, measure, and reduce their cost of risk so that they have more time to focus on managing and growing the company. Our proprietary results-oriented risk assessment process is based on a system used by Fortune 500 companies. With over 60 risk mitigation and recovery strategies, this unique process will provide:

  • Data to help make informed decisions and put you in control.
  • Protection for your organization’s brand, employees, and profits.
  • A paper trail of due diligence.
  • Best of all, we seek to minimize your time by doing the work for you.

Do you have time to manage it?

Insurance placement is at the heart of our business, but we believe that insurance is only one part of a solid risk management strategy.

Your risk audit evaluation

Give Reliance Insurance 90 minutes over two meetings and we can explore if our four-step system is a fit for your organization.

Our four-step risk audit process

    1. Risk identification & assessment session – first meeting with no preparation required by you.
    2. Risk quantification, scoring, and risk report – completed by the Reliance Insurance team.
    3. Review, prioritize & implement – our second meeting with you.
    4. Review and monitor – ongoing as needed.

Insurance does not prevent things from going wrong, but the Reliance risk audit and reduction plan will make your company more attractive to insurers and reduce your long term cost of risk.

A risk reduction plan will reduce your long term cost of risk.

Get a Quote Today

We are delighted with your value-added approach, forward-thinking, timely responses, and in-depth research into our needs. We feel very confident in Reliance’s knowledge of the manufacturing sector, and the products you provide — our relationship reflects much more than just an insurance policy.

— Controller, Kryton Group of Companies


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