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ICBC & The Passenger Safety Board regulate ride-hailing companies and drivers. Make sure you have driver protection for your sake and your passengers. Ask our Advisors today.

What is ride-hailing?

Also known as transportation network services (TNS), ride-hailing companies connect drivers with paying passengers through the use of an online platform or app. The apps use a mobile phone’s GPS to determine your pick-up location, while the destination is manually inputted. This gives a fare estimate and an option to request a ride. In BC, base rates are set by the Passenger Transportation Board.

ICBC blanket coverage

ICBC will sell a blanket insurance certificate to the ride-hailing company, not individual drivers, which provides the Basic insurance during ride-hailing use. This blanket Basic coverage is mandatory for ride-hailing companies and provides coverage for Accident Benefits and up to $1,000,000 third party liability.

This means you and your passengers will be covered by the ride-hailing company’s Basic insurance when you have accepted a trip via the app, when you are en route to pick up the passenger(s), or transporting the passenger(s).

Optional coverage, such as Collision and Comprehensive, is available from ICBC to provide coverage when offering ride-hailing services. Ride-hailing companies may purchase a blanket Optional policy that would apply to its drivers. As a driver you should check with the ride-hailing company whether they have any blanket Optional coverage.

If the ride-hailing company has not purchased any blanket Optional coverage or their blanket Optional coverage is lower than your personal coverage, you may be able to add Optional coverages.

ICBC ride-hailing insurance regulations

The ride-hailing company is responsible for ensuring drivers and vehicles meet Passenger Transportation Board requirements, as set out in government regulations. These include:

  • a Class 1, Class 2 or Class 4 commercial driver’s licence issued in BC
  • a criminal record check
  • a vehicle that meets all requirements and has passed a vehicle inspection
  • a commercial driving record, commonly known as an (N) print or National Safety Code abstract, which you can request online or by phone at 1-800-663-3051 or 604-661-2800.

A driver provides to the broker

  • the insurance held by the ride-hailing service(s)
  • the ride-hailing service(s) driver will work for
  • the total days per month driver will use vehicle for ride-hailing services.

As a driver, you don’t need to provide your vehicle inspection, criminal record check or your Class 4 driver’s licence to the broker, as these will be provided to, and validated by the ride-hailing company.

You may want to increase your liability coverage limits and review your deductible and replacement options in case of a total right-off. Contact Reliance for the best options.

Talk to your Reliance Insurance broker and get adequate ride-hailing coverage. Contact us for a quote today.

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I'm a long time customer. Reliance always provides helpful and courteous service along with competitive rates for both my residential and commercial insurance.

— Jules Wilkins


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