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We know there are many Autoplan designated agencies in Metro Vancouver so why would you come to Reliance Insurance Agencies?

We have customer service covered

  • Conveniently located in Burnaby at Hastings St. at Gamma St.
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  • Open extended hours: Mon-Fri: 8 am - 6 pm, Sat: 10 am - 4 pm
  • Designated parking and facilities for people with disabilities
  • No appointments necessary
  • Five agent desks - little to no wait times
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  • Automatic renewal notices mailed to your home
  • Assistance with standard issue or personalized license plates
  • Out-of-province transfers and advice for new BC residents
  • Complimentary coffee/tea while we process transactions

Protect what you love

You may have an old beat up jalopy that you love because it was handed down from your grandfather, or you may have a collection of antique cars, or if you are a family with children you may own multiple family friendly vehicles. It really doesn’t matter what type of motor vehicle you need to insure, the most important item is to insure yourself, your loved ones and your livelihood against the risk of an auto accident, theft or other damages to your vehicle.  

Auto insurance risk analysis

Insurance is complicated and it is best to work with an experienced ICBC Autoplan specialist who understands the complexities of car insurance coverages. When the policy and the planning are done correctly, this forms the foundation for complete coverage at an affordable cost. Although there are fewer options in BC for auto insurance, we can also offer private insurance options to those that qualify. Private insurance can result in significant overall savings while maintaining the same or superior coverage for your vehicle. We ask the right questions to ensure your policy covers not only the basics but the items that may have a impact on an future claim at the best value for your comfort zone.

Important items related to car insurance:

  • Who is the registered owner(s) of the vehicle?
  • Who is the primary driver?
  • Have you had any claims in previous years?
  • How long have you held a valid drivers license in B.C. or elsewhere?
  • Are New or Learner license drivers going to be using the vehicle?
  • Is the car used for pleasure, business, or commuting?
  • Does the car frequently leave the country – ie: going across the US border?

We’ve got you covered, ICBC Autoplan or private insurance

Having the right protection is the best way to ensure a smooth claim process and keep your valuable assets covered. We make sure that your policy is tailored to your unique set of circumstances. Reliance will review additional insurance options with carriers other than ICBC to find the right coverage for the value you deserve.

Potential benefits of private car insurance: 

  • Lower premiums and deductibles: Private insurances gives you more options than ICBC for a comprehensive deductible.
  • Broader coverage: Each plan varies but may cover things like pet insurance to cover vet bills if your beloved pet gets injured in an accident.
  • How are repairs handled: With ICBC you have to go to a certified auto body shop. But with private insurance you may have more options to choose your repair depot.
  • First accident forgiveness:  Depending on your claims history, private plans can include a one-time claims forgiveness feature. This means that your premium will not increase as a result of your first at-fault accident. 
  • Free windshield glass repairs: Some policies include free glass repairs for up to three chips per policy term with no deductible.
  • Bundled services/packages: Our private insurance provider has bundled packages like ICBC Roadstar but with added additional higher limits available.
Now for the small print: Auto insurance requirements in BC

People who own and drive cars in British Columbia are required to obtain registration and at the minimum a basic liability insurance plan through Auto Plan by the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC). The basic policy protection includes:

Third party liability coverage covers you when you're at least 25% at-fault in a crash and another motorist or pedestrian makes a claim against you. Basic Autoplan covers up to $200,000 of their injury costs and vehicle damage.

Autoplan accident benefits covers you, your passengers and members of your household with medical costs, wage loss and more if you’re injured in a motor vehicle crash, even if you’re at fault. Accidents benefits pays up to $150,000 in medical or rehabilitation costs such as physiotherapy.

Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) is included and covers certain costs when another driver does not have insurance. The basic coverage is up to $1 million per insured person who owns or leases a vehicle.

Hit-and-run damage and injuries is available to every BC resident, even if you don't own or insure a vehicle. If you're eligible, up to $200,000 is available to anyone whose property is damaged, or who is injured or killed in a crash on a roadway in British Columbia. It is important to note, if your vehicle is damaged in a hit and run, the onus on you to try to find the at-fault party.  

Connecting you to auto insurance experts

Reliance Insurance has extensive expertise auto insurance. Although, Autoplan offers a good basic package, the reality is the minimums are usually not enough to cover loss and injury expenses. We can help you determine the best coverage and optional coverages you may want to consider. Optional coverage is available through ICBC and private insurance brokers and can cover:

  • Excess Third Party Liability: limits up to $5 million are available.
  • Extension Underinsured Motorist Protection: allows for up to $5 million extra coverage.
  • Loss of Use: loss of Use coverage can help you stay mobile by reimbursing you for the cost foa temporary rental vehicle.
  • Collision: cover repair and replacement costs, even if you are at fault.
  • Comprehensive: this covers the unexpected such as theft and vandalism, fire, earth, and hail damage.
  • Specified Perils: similar to comprehensive but is less expensive as it is limited in coverage.
  • Rental vehicle coverage: extends Third Party Liability (up to $2 million), Collision and Comprehensive coverage to vehicles you rent within Canada or the USA.
  • New Vehicle Protection: if you have invested in a brand-new vehicle you will want to see if new vehicle replacement coverage and limited depreciation endorsement is right for you.
  • Specialized coverage: for luxury cars, off-road vehicles, motorcycles and autos in storage.

Drop by our office today to discuss your BC car insurance requirements.  Please note, we respect your privacy and do not discuss or transact ICBC Autoplan insurance over the phone or email. Alternatively, feel free to visit our office anytime during business hours or call us at 604.255.4616 to set a guaranteed appointment that is convenient for you with  one of our car insurance experts.  

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