Earthquake insurance

How to save on earthquake insurance deductibles

BC residents can save on earthquake deductibles with a earthquake deductible buy down policy.

Mark's passion for health at the Red Square Bakery

Companies like Red Square Bakery, are a unique small business and need a variety of insurance products. Call Karen Taylor for your small business risk assessment.

The pros and cons of company-monitored and self-monitored home security systems

There are several steps you can take to prevent home break-ins before they happen, and installing a home security system can take your efforts to the next level.
away from home

Travelling for the holidays? Take these simple steps to prevent break-ins

The holiday season is a prime time for thieves to come out and be the grinch. If you are travelling during the holidays take extra precautions to protect your belongings and your home.
The Hockey Shop

The Hockey Shop: A $1 million insurance payment six days after a fire rocks the industry.

A year after a fire at The Hockey Shop A Source for Sports, we interviewed Chad Purdy about the $1 million insurance payment he received 6 days after the fire; and the journey back to the rebuilt location.
Home Security

Protect your home from a costly break-in

Protecting your humble abode from unwanted guests is easier than you might think. Keep these tips in mind to help prevent break-ins and keep your space safe. Protect your home from a costly break in.
Hardy Buoys

Reliance Insurance puts the spotlight on Hardy Buoys Smoke Fish Inc.

Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish is a local Port Hardy success story. From a walk-in freezer to an international company and the transformation of a local shopping mall. Read more about the journey.

Minimize Your Insurance Claims: Mitigating Commercial Property Water Damage

Prevent future commercial insurance claims caused by water damage. Mitigate water damage with preventative maintenance for your business.
Home Maintanence

Minimize Your Home Insurance Claims: Mitigating Water Damage

It is hard to overstate the level of damage that water can do to your home. Water is easily the most pervasive offender related to damage; 51% of property insurance claims in Canada stem from water and smart owners are taking steps to manage their insurance costs by proactively protecting their property assets.


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