The Jim Ball Awards Have Arrived

Apr 13, 2018
In light of the 90th Academy Awards ceremony, the Producers at Reliance Insurance have decided to create The Jim Ball Awards, known as “The Jimmy’s”. Named after the illustrious Jim Ball. Although, not yet 90, Jim has been in the insurance business for a long time and we felt it was time to recognize rising stars and some veterans in the Metro Vancouver commercial insurance market and the support they have given the agency to grow and prosper.

How did the first inaugural Jim Ball Award voting work?

It’s complicated. First a insurance partner had to meet certain market requirements to be eligible. It has to feature lengthy wordings and  have been released in 2017. Then the nominees have to ensure they take broad liberties to ensure the Jimmy Academy members (producers and staff at Reliance)  have the broadest support for their contributions; bribes are no longer accepted!


We skipped the whole nomination process this year and just went straight to the award ceremonies! 

Announcing the Winners

Earle McCandles and Angus Reid took the honours as MC and delivery drivers to present The Jimmy’s to the 2017 winners.

Drum roll please! 

2017 Jimmy for Market of the Year: Northbridge Insurance

F2017 Jimmy for Market of the Year- Northbridge Insurance _opt

2017 Jimmy for Best Performance in a Supporting Role:

Adam Collier of Northbridge

2017 Jimmy for Underwriter of the Year:
Wendy Rodriquez Suarez of Aviva Canada
2017 Jimmy for Underwriter of the Year- Wendy Rodriquez Suarez of Aviva Canada_opt
2017 Jimmy for Best Performance by an Ensemble: 
Intact Insurance
 2017 Best Performance by an Ensemble-Intact Insurance _opt

2017 Jimmy for Claims Whisperer: Maria Dickout of AIG 

Jim Ball Awards - Maria Dickout_Claims Whisperer


In the green room, words from the winners
“On behalf of the Northbridge team we are honoured to be awarded the market of the year, along with recognizing the great work Adam has done to build our mutual relationship.
Thank you to Earle and Angus for taking the time to visit our office to present the awards. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership and success.” 
Anita Gill, BA, FCIP, CRM
Vice President, Sales & Distribution, Western Canada
Northbridge Insurance
All fun aside, Reliance Insurance is pleased to work with a great group of Insurance Partners and we look forward to carrying on this fun and important tradition. 



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