Contractors, both general and sub-trade, face a wide variety of exposures in their work, which requires an insurance program that protects the company and owners against the multitude of possible concerns.

Required construction insurance coverage

General liability insurance is a requirement for a contractor, and it is crucial that the construction insurance policy provide appropriate coverage – not only is it is important for your peace of mind, most of your clients will require proof of insurance.

There are a number of aspects of insurance for contractors to consider:

  • Contractors’ equipment coverage will protect your equipment wherever it is located
  • Project-specific coverage will protect new construction, including the new building during the construction period, and can protect you from loss of income, soft cost, testing of permanent equipment (elevators), etc.
  • Project-specific liability insurance, also known as Wrap Up Liability Insurance, which will protect all parties connected to the project.

Protect against environmental risks

There are also environmental risks that should be addressed in your coverage:

  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Off-premises spills on projects or third party sites
  • Asbestos and/or mold removal

There are many considerations for a contractor. At Reliance Insurance, we can provide a thorough review of your operations, projects under way and future projects and related insurance requirements. Use our expertise to ensure that you and your project have the necessary protection.



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