Mining Insurance

Mining is a big part of the BC economy. There are many segments of the mining industry that are profitable and are well known around the world. But many mining companies have been facing low commodity prices and an abundance of supply. We are seeing marginal mines going into care and maintenance, and their insurance programs should reflect this. With the current economic climate requiring cash flow management and balance sheet strength, blows to productivity can be very costly. The solution is a comprehensive risk management conversation with an insurance broker with proven mining industry segment experience.

Unique program for mining insurance

Reliance Insurance offers our proprietary risk-mitigation program, designed specifically for the needs of mining companies and the complex nature of this industry. This tool will help executives identify and control their total exposure and cost of risk.

Our team has extensive expertise in:

  • Mining risk profiling
  • Valuation
  • Insurance brokering
  • Loss control engineering
  • Project risk management
  • Claims

This knowledge allows us to help you deal with any situation, at any stage. We will work closely with you to ensure your mining company is protected as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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