Publicly Traded Companies

Are you sure your company properly prepared for a lawsuit? In today’s market, publicly traded companies face greater liability exposure than ever before. Odds are that you will be sued in the next 12 months.

Various threats can include:

These, among other threats, can increase your directors’ exposure to lawsuits by shareholders, regulators, customers, lenders and even competitors. Systems need to be in place to help actively manage these growing risks.

Proprietary risk mitigation program

Reliance Insurance offers you peace of mind with our proprietary risk mitigation program. We will identify the risks that are specific to your company, then create a program that will allow you to control those risks, reducing your overall cost of exposure. In doing so, we will ensure you are employing industry best practices in terms of systems and guidelines, and generating a proper paper trail.

Talk with our experts at Reliance Insurance to make sure that you have the best coverage available. You will always be ready for trial if needed, allowing you to remain focused on running your business.


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