Sport & Recreation

Sport and recreation activities in BC continue to grow and evolve. From traditional team sports to individual activities ranging from hiking trails to sky diving. The options seem endless as are the associated insurance risks. The sharp and continual rise in participant injuries demands a knowledgeable insurance broker that truly understands these activities. This is the only way to ensure your risk management and sport and recreation insurance programs are properly tailored for your specific needs.

Sport and recreation insurance is unique

Reliance Insurance has over 20 years of firsthand experience being directly involved in both amateur and professional sports. Our staff have participated as athletes, coaches and administrated at all levels. This gives us a superior understanding of the issues and risks that are constantly present.

Insure your organization and your sport participants

We work closely with our clients with that firsthand appreciation for what you do. This allows us the ability to craft tailored sport and recreation insurance programs that reflect the uniqueness of your field, giving you the peace of mind that we not only understand what you are doing, we know how to properly protect you.

When it comes to sport and recreation, make sure you are dealing with someone who actually has experience in that field. At Reliance Insurance, we not only know sport and fitness, we live it.


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