In the world today, we truly depend upon the transportation industry. At Reliance Insurance we understand that it is of paramount importance to keep the wheels on the road for our clients. Within our commercial vehicle division we offer a wide array of insurance coverages that will help to keep you rolling. We understand that no two trucking or logistic companies are the same. From this experience we can tailor your insurance portfolio to include a suite of specific coverages respective to your businesses needs.

Our transportation insurance products include:

  • Motor truck cargo coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Motor truck legal liability coverage
  • Vehicle liability coverage
  • Vehicle physical damage coverage
  • Reefer coverage

Cost savings with Discount Forecasting Tools specific to transportation companies

Our transportation risk experts are awaiting the opportunity to share their knowledge of the industry with you. With our superior risk management strategy protocols and proprietary discount forecasting tools we have an industry reputation of saving money.

Inland marine transport includes the transportation of goods with rail, air or motor transport. Our policies include pickup and delivery, less than truck load and full truck load cargo transport. In our North American free trade world transporting goods may be shorty haul or long haul and may include trips to the USA or even Mexico. Our insurance partners can write a policy that keeps you goods covered when navigating to southern destinations.

We can give you clear, plain language policy definitions, premium options, price comparisons and insurance extensions unique to your type of transport. Transport insurance is available for:

  • Tractor trailer rigs
  • Motorcoach companies
  • School bus transport
  • Taxi services
  • Limosene services
  • Delivery & courier services
  • Emergency first responders - police, paramedic, fire fleets

Contact one of our commercial transportation insurance experts for more information on how we can help with your insurance and risk management needs.


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