Aviation Liability  Insurance 

Aviation liability exposure presents one of the greatest risks to any aviation-related business including non-owned aviation companies such as fly-in fishing lodges. Losses have been commonly known to be in the millions of dollars and beyond, and third party aviation liability losses are excluded from standard liability policies.

Aviation liability insurance coverage is mandatory but varies

Reliance Insurance can put together a plan that is designed to address any exposure your aviation business might have – regardless of size. We will advise you on the two main areas of necessary coverage - public liability and passenger liability – as well as others that may not be as obvious.

  • Public liability - covers the owners of aircraft for damages that their aircraft may cause to third-party property such as buildings, equipment, airport facilities, crops or other property on the ground, as well as damage to other aircraft damaged by collision.
  • Passenger liability - provides protection for passengers injured or killed while riding in the aircraft. There are minimum requirements set out by Transport Canada for both private operators and commercial operators, with a specific limit for each passenger seat
  • Combined single limit - coverage combines public liability and passenger liability into a single limit per accident. This allows for greater flexibility in settling passenger claims without setting a limit per passenger seat.
  • Premises liability - this provides protection for anyone operating at an airport, airfield or landing strip.
  • Products liability - provides coverage for any manufacturers, fuelers or refuellers, maintenance, repair or overhaul operators from product liability losses suffered by third-parties as a result of their work.

However, remote your aviation risk might be proper speciality aviation insurance is critical. Work with our experts at Reliance Insurance to make sure that you have comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.


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