Cargo Insurance

Protection for your goods in transit

In today’s global market, your business could involve shipping goods around the corner or around the world. Whether you are importing raw materials from China or exporting your finished product to a trade show in Milan, your cargo needs to arrive intact in order to keep your business’ sales figures on target.

Protect your bottom line

Our commercial insurance experts will put together cargo insurance coverage for you to guard your investment against the myriad risks involved in shipping.

Our cargo insurance can include:

  • “All Risks” coverage at highly competitive rating
  • Coverage for road/rail/air/ocean shipments
  • Door-to-Door and World-to-World coverage
  • Convenient online certificate issuance system for a fast and efficient insuring process
  • Comprehensive coverage including many extensions not offered by our competitors
  • Professional advice and guidance by our team of experienced marine insurance brokers
  • In the event of a loss, our underwriter will dispatch a local surveyor to come to your location to inspect your cargo for a faster settlement

To help protect your cargo and your investment:

  • Always pack, prepare and stow your cargo for the intended transit.
  • If your cargo is susceptible to damage due to changes in temperature/humidity, always provide clear written instructions to the carrier of the required environmental conditions inside the temperature controlled container.
  • The use of your own Ryan EZT disposable strip temperature/humidity recorders, before and after, will provide solid evidence of any breach in agreed shipping conditions.
  • Always inspect cargo for damage immediately upon arrival and note any issues on the waybill or bill of lading.

Insuring your cargo properly is a key part of managing your business and a solid cargo insurance plan will protect your assets. Talk to our commercial insurance cargo experts who can make sure that your assets are protected, regardless of what kind of journey they take.


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