Environmental Liability Insurance

Get environmental liability insurance to safeguard your business and our planet

It is important to review the options associated with an environmental insurance policy. With government regulations and compliance guidelines becoming more stringent, understanding and addressing environmental liability, often referred to as pollution liability exposures is vital to most businesses. A wide range of pollution exposures could potentially shut down your business, cause damage to third parties, and result in expensive and time consuming clean up costs. Pollution claims, resultant damage and clean up costs associated with an environmental incident are typically excluded from general liability policies.

Develop a tailored environmental risk liability insurance solution

Environmental liability policies can be purchased to protect against pollution exposures at your premises, at adjacent third party premises or at locations that you conduct business.

Exposures at your premises might include spills from your premises or leaks from underground or above ground tanks on your site. You would look to cover the cleanup costs on your own site as well as any leak to your neighbour’s site.

Types of environmental liability insurance

Coverage is also available for construction contractors who perform work on third party premises where they may be in jeopardy of causing an environmental incident. This is referred to as contractor’s pollution insurance.

General Liability policies can be extended in some cases to include sudden & accidental pollution coverage. This coverage is usually limited to incidents that are detected and reported within 120 hours of occurring.

Environmental liability exposures are often hidden, surprising and catastrophic. If your business were held responsible for contaminating the environment you could face large unexpected expenses. Environmental liability insurance protects your property, or when you suffer losses resulting from pollution on somebody else’s property. Let the experts at Reliance Insurance help determine your exposure and propose appropriate solutions.

"We have been in business for 30 years and have used Reliance Insurance exclusively. Reliance has provided very competitive quotes and exceptional service to us during this time. We have had a few claims in and Reliance has worked hard on our behalf to ensure that our Insurers honour and pay our damage claims. In the insurance business it is about having the right Insurance company understand your business and champion your claims if any arises."

Chief Financial Officer, IPAC Chemicals Ltd.


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