Marine Insurance

Getting the proper boat, vessel or commercial marine hull insurance through an experienced marine insurance agent to ensure your business has specific marine insurance that has unique protections regarding damage claims and liability.

Liability coverage for boat, vessel or commercial marine hull insurance

Protection and Indemnity (P&I) is the liability coverage required for all pleasure or commercial watercraft vessel owners. Your P&I marine insurance policy covers you for the liability risks arising from the ownership and operation of the vessel. The commercial insurance experts at Reliance Insurance will arrange a P&I policy tailored to your specific needs to ensure that you are completely covered.

Our protection & indemnity marine insurance will provide you coverage for the following and more:

  • Collision liability
  • Pollution liability
  • Wreck removal
  • Passenger liability (including personal effects and vehicles)
  • Towers’ liability
  • Cargo liability for both on-deck and below-deck cargo

Determine the correct marine insurance coverage

Our P&I limits range from $50 Million to $1 Billion USD, depending on your desired limit. Our risk strategy specialist will determine the level of coverage that is applicable to the business operation and what is deemed best practice. In the event of a claim, our P&I underwriters will appoint legal counsel to act on your behalf and will settle damages for all insured losses.

Tips to help protect your liability:

  • Always use legal contracts and waivers with your clients to limit your liability. “Hand-shake” arrangements do not offer the protection you need
  • Make sure your safety and survival gear is up to date, in good working order and readily accessible
  • Ensure that your vessel operators are well trained in the appropriate maritime procedures and are acting in compliance with all rules and regulations.

P&I insurance may be mandatory, but one size doesn’t fit all. Please speak with our vessel insurance experts at Reliance Insurance to ensure that there aren’t any gaps in your liability coverage.


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