Stock Throughput Insurance

Stock Throughput (STP) is also known as “cradle to grave” coverage that can save you time and money. It is designed for companies that import, export or distribute merchandise, parts, or raw materials, and is most commonly utilized by organizations in the retail/wholesale, to food and beverage, to wood and metal, industries. It can cover inventory, raw materials, semi-finished or finished products including material handling and packaging - at all points along the supply chain.

Stock throughput insurance coverage throughout the supply chain

Your goods are the cornerstone of your business, and protecting them is protecting your business’ bottom line. Stock throughput insurance provides coverage and control of inventory risks throughout the entire supply chain, from the supplier or point of origin through the goods’ final destination. This includes land, air, sea, oversees transit, freight forwarders, export and import distribution centers and various other parties that may be involved in the shipment's journey be it national or global. What’s more, when compared to traditional Cargo insurance STP is often more cost effective, broader in coverage, and requires less of your time to manage.

Stock throughput insurance policies cover three main areas:

  • Property storage
  • Inland transit
  • Ocean cargo

Clients in the retail, wholesale, food and beverage sectors have benefited the most from STP insurance. In the world of globalization, this is an option worth investigating as there are many points in the supply chain where disaster can strike. Talk to our business insurance experts to make sure that you have the properly structured stock throughput insurance protection you need.


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