At Reliance Insurance Agencies we specialize in home insurance. If you live in a single-family dwelling, a townhouse or a condo we have a HomeProtect™ insurance package to cover your risk in British Columbia. 

What is HomeProtect insurance?

HomeProtect is a comprehensive house insurance program offered to homeowners in BC exclusively by Reliance Insurance Agencies. 

 We have you covered if you own a:

  • Detached home (e.g. single family or two-family occupancy)
  • Townhouse 
  • Condominium

Home insurance highlights

  • Comprehensive home insurance
  • Flexible policy delivery options
  • Payments your way including monthly payment options
  • Dedicated Reliance Insurance claims advocate

Policy highlights

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage against loss or damage to your home
  • Personal liability insurance protecting you against allegations of negligence causing bodily harm and/or property damage to others.
  • Coverage for your personal belongings kept in your home or even if they are temporarily away from your home (e.g. luggage)
  • Competitive rates and extra discounts if you insure multiple properties with HomeProtect

Special rates, discount and saving opportunities

You can save on your home insurance premiums if you have one or more of the following: 

  • Monitored alarm systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Claims free 
  • Mature Homeowners (45 years of age or older)
  • Mortgage free

Home insurance policy extensions & optional coverages

A variety of policy extensions and optional coverages are available to help ensure that your policy is customized to meet your individual needs. So you don't have to buy more coverage than you need. A Reliance home insurance agent will help determine if you need extra coverage for:

  • Perils such as earthquake, overland (surface) flooding and ground water
  • Collections (e.g. wine, art, sports memorabilia)
  • Valuables such as jewellery, bicycles and musical instruments

The Reliance bespoke home insurance policy

If you have a residential property in Metro Vancouver that has bespoke elements, or one that is unique, heritage, custom designed or housing collections not covered by a general policy, you will need a home insurance policy that is customized for your needs.

Homes are our safe havens, and are often designed with bespoke features such as:

  • Custom made cabinets and countertops or refrigerated wine cellars
  • Smart storage and media rooms
  • High-end appliances, smart appliances
  • Programmable smart tech app driven functionality and security
  • Temparate zoned landscaping elements with water conservation
  • Elegant indoor - outdoor living features to increase living space
  • Pools, Jacuzzis, lane houses
  • Design for multigenerational living
  • Alternative energy systems
  • Construction for increased daylight
  • Finished basements
  • Pet accommodations
  • Car docking stations

Bringing your home to life is a joy - let us help you protect. It is important to complete a detailed home insurance assessment with an experienced Reliance Insurance agent, we help you document your  features that truly make your home unique to you and your lifestyle. 

Connecting you to experts

Reliance Insurance has extensive expertise in home insurance and we have developed a  risk strategy service to ensure that you have the correct insurance coverage for your home. To start, we’ll help you get the appropriate free professional appraisal to determine your building’s replacement value. Our professional affiliates understand the complexity and care required to rebuild a custom or architecturally unique home. We know your time is as valuable as your property, so we offer at home free consultations to determine the best home insurance policy for your property and contents.

Valuable home contents

It is important to understand how we determine your risk in order to have your contents appraised and documented correctly, especially regarding unique, antique or custom furniture, wine collections, or art or jewellery. To help ensure a fair settlement on claims involving your valuables, it is important to be able to prove loss. We recommend that a detailed inventory is completed on a regular basis and do a video record of the contents and possessions.

Risk analysis

Insurance is complicated and it is best to work with a high-value home insurance specialist who understands the complexities of risk management. When the policy and the planning are done correctly, this forms the foundation for maximized payments and faster claims processing times. We can also make recommendations for securing your home in order to minimize losses.

Specific insurance coverage

In addition to overall property and liability insurance,  home insurance can also cover:

  • Wine collections, including breakage, access to wine experts to provide cellar management and proper wine storage
  • Wine label coverage, protection against label damage which can reduce the value of the wine
  • Fine art and other valuable collections
  • High-end landscaping
  • Newly acquired items: These are automatically covered up to 25% of the total fine arts schedule, usually up to 90 days.
  • Mysterious disappearance of contents or personal possessions
  • Pairs and set coverage, with the option of partial loss settlement for one damaged article or total loss settlement if customer surrenders the remaining undamaged item.
  • Equipment breakdown, coverage for air condition units, refrigerated units, water heaters, generators, elevators, water pumps.
  • Breakage of fragile items, including fine art
  • Family protection for kidnapping and ransom, home invasion, carjacking and stalking threats

Exceptional insurance claims service

Reliance has a dedicated claims specialist to help you through what can be a very difficult and confusing process. Evan Miles, our VP of Claims has decades of experience and is here to advocate on your behalf to help ensure the claims process is handled to the Reliance Insurance standard, including:

  • Immediate contact with client after a loss
  • A thorough and clear explanation of options available
  • Fair and efficient assessment of loss
  • Prompt payments after claim has been settled

We’ve got you covered

Having the right protection is the best way to ensure a smooth claim process and keep your valuable assets covered. We make sure that your policy is tailored to your unique set of circumstances. Our dedicated high-value home insurance specialists will work with your directly - call Sandra, Doug, or Sheila in the Personal Lines department at 604.255.4616 to get your policy started for your property located in Metro Vancouver.


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