Insurance for contractors & tradespeople

Are you a sole proprietor, partnership or a corporation with under 20 employees that builds, installs or fixes things? We offer customized self-serve business insurance policies to protect you and your company operating in British Columbia. Our Contractors TradeProtect™ insurance is built for contractors and tradespeople working in BC's small business sector. 

Why buy contractors insurance?

 Today's business world is competitive. Buying insurance can help enhance your company’s reputation.

  • Clients will trust your company
  • Protects investments in tools, equipment and contents
  • Protection for your business when accidents happen
  • Attract customers and staff 

What is included a contractors insurance TradeProtect™ policy?

Each business is unique and a contractor's insurance policy can be customized specific to the unique business needs and industry. 

Contents of every description: coverage that protects property, contents, equipment (office), and stock. 

Commercial general liability:  coverage that protects your business, your work and your product from financial loss if you get sued for property damage, injury or death caused by your business or employees. 

 Tools & equipment: protects newly purchased or rented mobile equipment against loss or damage. This includes equipment, tools, property. 

 Installation floater:  this covers the materials and stock during transit and installation. A standard insurance policy will not cover materials once they leave the premises. 

 Tool floater: Covers your tools during transportation and when they are being used off the insured premises.

Legal expense insurance:  covers certain legal expenses related to commercial or personal legal defense, property or tax issues. 

 Cyber & data protection: If you have access or hold your customers’ private data you may want to protection against data breaches or damage to your systems after a cyber-attack.  This coverage is for legal services and computer expert services for data protection and data extortion.


Industries applicable to Reliance contractors TradeProtect™ Insurance

 The following is a sample list of contracting businesses that can be covered with Reliance TradeProtect™ contractors insurance. You have worked hard to build a business, it only takes a few minutes to protect your work, employees, equipment and reputation. 

  • air conditioning & heating equipment (HVAC)
  • blinds and curtains
  • cable TV and data
  • cistern
  • carpentry contractors (including decks, fences, cabinets, finishing work and small renovations)
  • carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning contractors
  • cement, concrete and asphalt finishing contractors for driveways, parking areas, patios and sidewalks
  • door and window installation contractors
  • dry walling, lathing and plastering contractors
  • duct cleaning contractors
  • electrical contractors (excluding industrial, mining, or manufacturing work; or work in restricted areas of airports)
  • fence construction
  • floor coverings
  • insulation contractors (no spray type or asbestos operations)
  • janitorial contractors commercial and residential (including window cleaning for up to 3 storeys)
  • landscaping
  • locksmiths
  • masonry contractors (including bricklaying, stonework, marble & mosiac)
  • painting and interior decorating contractors (excluding exterior spray painting)
  • plumbing and hottubs
  • roofing
  • sheet metal
  • sidewalk and curb construction
  • solar energy contractors
  • tile and  terrazzo flooring
  • repair shops
  • refrigeration (commercial)
  • sign installation and repair contractors
  • sharpening of tools, knives, skates
  • solar energy contract
  • swimming pools

Protection for contractors & tradespeople

If you are busy running your business during the day, this self-serve insurance product is built for you. Review coverages and costs and make an informed decision and buy all at the same time. Save time and money. You can pay and download your policy immediately. If you are still unsure of the best coverage call our small business insurance brokers today to help you find the right risk level at a price you can afford.  Call us at toll-free 1.877.354.2623. 



*There may be circumstances where your insurance requirements require the expertise of a insurance agent. In the event the online system can not complete and issue a contractors TradeProtect™ business policy, one of our agents will call you within one business day to review your  insurance requirements. 


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