Manufacturing & Wholesalers 

If your livelihood depends on manufacturing something – no matter how simple or complex, large or small – you will need manufacturing insurance coverage that mirrors your risks and protects your business interests.

Tailored manufacturing insurance

However, a business that manufactures pencils has very different insurance needs from one that manufactures airplanes. Our manufacturing insurance experts are ready to help tailor a manufacturing insurance coverage plan to address any exposures that your specific business might be facing.

Reliance Insurance can help determine the right type of manufacturing insurance for your organization. It may include:

A sample of 40+ other areas of risk the Reliance Insurance team supports our manufacturing clients with:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Brand management
  • Employment practices
  • Contract reviews
  • Culture change management
  • Fleet safety
  • And more

Your manufacturing business faces many different challenges and we have experience working with companies ranging from global biotech suppliers to North American metal product manufacturers. Our risk advisors can help ensure your organization is properly covered for the insurable risks and has mitigation and recovery strategies in place for the uninsurable ones.


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