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Workshop: Managing emotional health of your work from home team

Date:  June 23, 2020

Time:  11:00 AM PDT

About the Presentation

You’ve responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by pivoting to a work-from-home model.

During the early days of implementing a work-from-home model, we believe it is vitally important that you measure your employees’ response to this major change in their way of working. You care about your employees and you want to know how they are doing – really doing. You realize that some will adapt to working from home easily – others, not so much!

Because measuring and building employee engagement is at the heart of our Passionate Enterprise Model, we have developed a program to help you achieve success in the remote worker model.

This workshop will be presented by iC3 one of Canada’s leading advisory firms for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Presentation outline


  • How do you know if work-from-home is working for your company?
  • Why it is vitally important that you measure your employees’ response to this major change in their way of working
  • How well designed surveys will allow you to identify potential problems to make a successful transition to the work-from-home world.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why asking “How are you doing” will not get you the answers you’re looking for.
  • The 5 critical questions to ask of your employees.
  • How to ask the questions in a way that will get you frank answers.
  • How to interpret the results and what to do about them.

Who will benefit:

  • C-suite Executives
  • Senior Management
  • Risk Managers


Rick Bauman
Rick Bauman is an entrepreneur and former insurance broker, the creator of The Passionate Enterprise™, and founder of The Broker Performance Group™, an exclusive group of high-performance insurance brokers across Canada.

Rick has given workshops, presentations, and speeches to thousands of professionals in the insurance industry over the past 21 years. Previously, Rick operated a successful insurance brokerage in Hamilton, Ontario for 20 years, achieving 27% compound annual growth, 32% operating profit, 90%+ client loyalty rating and 86% employee satisfaction.

From this experience, Rick developed hundreds of innovative strategies and techniques to grow his business. Packaged as The Passionate Enterprise Model™, his tools and coaching help insurance brokers benchmark their current performance and develop powerful strategies to build best-in-class enterprises. Connect with Rick

Sadie Bauman
Sadie began working in the General Insurance Industry as a Commercial Underwriter with RSA in 1978. Her most recent project includes the collection, analysis and evaluation of Client and Employee Engagement survey data for a group of high performance insurance brokerages. This survey data is correlated with the financial results of each brokerage to assist in the development of action plans to enhance the overall performance of the organization.

Sadie has a passion for the development and delivery of Commercial and Personal Technical Insurance Programs, including a ‘Train the Trainer’ model. Connect with Sadie



Chris Ball - Reliance Insurance


Chris Ball is the CEO of Reliance Insurance Agencies. His speciality is in risk management focused on leading the Reliance team in helping executives protect their companies with results based risk reduction planning, mergers & acquisition, due diligence and cost effective insurance program structuring. Chris will moderate this workshop on managing the emotional health of remote workers during COVID-19.   Connect with Chris: Linkedin.






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