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Staying active during the holiday season

The holidays are here! And yes, when the holiday season hits we all feel tempted to fall off the wagon with the promise to start ‘fresh’ at the beginning of the new year.

Research shows that when we drop our regular exercise routine de-training can happen. That’s why it’s always better to stick to movement rather than not. Even if you have to cut time from your regular workout routine, maintaining momentum will always be much better than trying to pick up again next month. Taking some well deserved ‘me’ time to workout every day is extremely beneficial for your overall health.

Here are 3 benefits to give yourself the gift of an ‘Active Lifestyle’ this holiday season:

Avoid the holiday weight gain

Yes, the holidays can be a high-risk time to gain weight. Exercising can help burn calories and build muscle mass while sustaining a healthy metabolic rate.

It’s totally OK to indulge in your favourite holiday treats, we all know how tasty those are, maintaining a workout routine will also help you enjoy those treats in a ‘guilt-free’ way!

Find positive ways to reduce stress

Shopping, food preparation, visitors all are fun but can lead to positive and negative stress. Many people find the holidays stressful and this year might have some added layers with families trying to navigate the Covid-19 social rules.

Exercising regularly will help you release endorphins, disconnect with the outside world and connect with yourself. Endorphins produce feelings of peach, calm, and bliss. Cardiovascular exercise, along with laughter and intimacy all counteract feelings of stress, anxiety and pain. The release of endorphins can also lead to increased creativity and mental clarity Trust us, finishing a workout feels SO GOOD.

Incorporating a daily mindfulness and meditation routine is scientifically proven to help reduce stress, helps emotional regulation, and improves cognitive performance. Daily meditation can help to improve self-esteem, and according to Dr. Shimi Kang, best selling author of Dolphin Kids and The Tech Solution, reports that daily meditation can change neural trails improving natural production of endorphins and helping reduce pain.

The staff at Reliance Insurance was giving first hand instruction by The Art of Dialogue on how to incorporate being mindful into our daily routines. As a group it helps us to be mindful of ourselves and each other. Key benefits of incorporating mindfulness in the workplace”

  • Focus the distracted and discursive mind
  • Improve cognitive capacity, creativity and resilience
  • Generate space to respond rather than react to stressors
  • Increase overall health, energy and well-being
  • Foster healthier relationship and organizations

Maintain a daily structure for healthy activities

One of the main causes associated with stress and weight gain is a reduction in structure. When daily routines no longer exist we feel out of place. Setting aside an hour of your day to workout provides structure to your agenda. Having a routine will help you stay on track with your diet, prioritizing your sleep and provide a framework so you can make decisions based on your priorities.

“Staying healthy during the holiday season is especially important now because it can reduce stress, prevent weight gain, boost the immune system, and improve sleep. A strong immune system can help combat viruses and prevent illnesses. ” -Kari Werner, Co-Owner of Sheepdog CrossFit and City of PoMo Fitness Supervisor.

When gyms are closed there are many other ways to get your fitness goals in. Your favorite fitness instructor may have live classes outdoors, or zoom classes or downloadable videos to utilize. Live streams are becoming very popular from communities such as Insight Timer that has many free options. There are many apps that you can use for walking, cycling, cross training and general workouts. Often you only need a few simple pieces of equipment. Using your device for exercise or meditation instead of lazing around watching endless reels of Netflix, you will start to create a healthy tech diet as well.

Getting regular workouts in will increase your levels of energy and reduce your levels of stress while burning extra calories. Yes, it IS as good as it sounds!

Life Hacks to Reli On: Tips to staying on track while working from home.

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