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You have just made one of the biggest decisions in your life to upsize your home, but just because you are getting more space doesn’t mean you have to move all the clutter. Does moving stress you out? We had the pleasure to meet up with Quincilia of SOS My Space. She loves to organize and move, Quincilia tells us, “Nothing lights me up more when I work with a family to clear space, create new systems in high use zones, making sense of clutter and releasing decades of treasures, it can truly transform you living space”. We have 8 tips for being organized after your next residential move.

Declutter before or after the move?

For most people it can be incredibly overwhelming to have to part with treasures and keepsakes that have accumulated over the years. Do you really need to take the baby shoes to your next home when you have already attended the wedding of your first born?
Sometimes though, it is easier to declutter once you have moved into your new space. Because when you start with a clean slate, it helps you decide what to keep, what to upcycle and what to throw out. We recommend that you consult with a organization specialist to help you determine how and when to purge.

8 tips or being organized after your big move

Tip #1 – Being organized starts BEFORE the move. Make sure you purge before you pack and label each box clearly the content details and the room the box is to go into. This will help the movers to unload the boxes in the right place, allowing you to unpack more efficiently.

Tip #2 – Clean. Before you unpack, make sure that you’ve cleaned all your cupboards, drawers and line them as needed. You’ll also want to have your rugs and furniture in place. Nothing will be more frustrating than loading up a cabinet and realizing that you’ve got it in the wrong spot.

Tip #3 – Unpack EVERYTHING within the first 2 weeks following your move. We are creatures of habit and relaxation. Once you’ve moved in, whatever you don’t unpack can tend to stay in boxes for a loooong time. Be intentional and give all of your things a home.

Tip #4 – Keep things tidy. As you unpack, flatten your packing paper to make sure no small items were left behind. Flatten your cardboard boxes as you empty each box. Keeping a tidy space as you unpack will ensure you don’t have any tripping hazards. A tidy space also allows you to think through the unpacking process more clearly.

Tip #5 – Purge the packing materials. Plan to eliminate empty boxes and packing material as soon as possible. Look to offload your reusable packing supplies in your local Facebook group. Pay it forward and Mother Earth will thank you for it. Having empty boxes and packing supplies kickin’ around reminds you of “unfinished business” which feels like a constant to-do list. The sooner you get rid of your boxes, the sooner your mind and body can relax.

Tip #6 – How do you move through our new home? Consider how you want to flow through your daily routines in your new home. You’ll want to unpack your things and give them a “home” in such a way that supports the way you flow through your routines. For example, if you make smoothies for breakfast every morning, you’ll want to organize a kitchen cupboard or shelf with all your smoothie supplies in one place.

Tip #7 – Unpack one room at a time. If you were organized BEFORE your move and labelled all your boxes carefully, then you’ll be able to unpack efficiently. Start with the most important rooms: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Have your essentials unpacked on the first day of your move so you have a cozy bed to sleep in, your bathroom essentials easily accessible and your favourite mug and kettle ready to greet you when you wake up.

Tip #8 – Hire professionals to help. If you have a busy life (and who doesn’t?!), consider hiring a team of Professional Organizers to do the packing and unpacking for you. Nothing beats enjoying your new home like a stress-free moving experience. Your life and your things are very personal and special to you. Make sure you meet with 2-3 Professional Organizers to find the right fit for you and your family.

Invest in your home investment

When you decide to upsize and move into that new home, take the time to invest in making your space so you can keep things organized, keep clutter to a minimal, improve your quality of life, reduce stress and work through your day with efficiency. Form new skills and habits that will empower you to maintain your organized home.

Resources for Being Organized After Your Residential Move

Buying your next home: 8 tips to upsize the right way
SOS My Space
Visual Organization Inspiration by Goodhouse Keeping

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