Insurance for non-profit Jewish organizations

May 31, 2018

Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd. (Reliance Insurance) has developed an exclusive insurance and risk management program for non-profit Jewish organizations. Being part of an insurance program can add huge benefits to the organization on its own and to all the organizations as a unit. 

Some of the benefits of insurance for non-profit Jewish organizations include:

  • Group purchasing synergies
  • Customized and exclusive group insurance coverages
  • Streamlined information flow
  • Custom risk management services and consulting

Unique insurance program designed for the Jewish community in Canada

This insurance program is a first of its kind for the Jewish community in Canada. Other denominations have been reaping these benefits for years and joining such a program will only bring benefits to this community as well. When this program will be utilized to its full capacity, it shows on greater responsibility of the organization which in turn will show donors and sponsors that the organization is fiscally responsible in terms of risk and insurance. This program is specific for any Jewish organization including:

  •  Schools
  •  Synagogues
  •  Temples
  • Community centres
  •  Nursing homes
  • Other non-profits

Custom insurance coverage for Jewish organizations

There will be unique, customized insurance applications so the applicant feels confident and comfortable knowing they are protecting what is most important for their organization. Some of the coverages which will be specific to the program include protection for the Torah scrolls and protection for the organization in the event of a medical emergency like a botched bris. Many non-profit organizations believe that they have sufficient coverage, however, are the Torah scrolls covered in the event of a loss? Another example, without getting too graphic, is a bris going wrong. The mohel could be covered but is the organization and location of the bris protected? These and other dilemmas will be covered and addressed with this program. 

As the program grows and develops, we will have the ability to add or subtract coverages and protections based on what is available within the insurance marketplace and what is necessary for the organizations.     

More than insurance - proprietary risk management consulting services

Reliance Insurance offers proprietary risk management services and consulting, in addition to insurance for non-profit jewish organizations which will assist the entities in risks which are not necessarily insurable and will help prevent accidents from happening. These services are based on a unique, proprietary risk management service which Fortune 500 companies developed in order to manage their risks and help them quickly get back on their feet in the event of something going wrong. Some assessments include social media practices among employees and drug and alcohol code of conduct. These assessments assist an organization in becoming trial ready with a documented paper trail in the event of something going wrong. 

There have been many developments in the insurance industry recently and it would be a pleasure to connect with you. Please contact Yeshurun at or on his cell phone at 604-992-6942. 

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