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Special Event Liability Insurance is a short-term liability insurance that can help protect against the unexpected. It is also referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) and can help you meet the insurance requirements of trade show venues, public space rentals and other meeting spaces.  It is a policy designed to provide protection for individual special events and cover the following:

  • If there is damage to the venue or property and you are found legally responsible.
  • If someone is injured due to an event such as a slip and fall. 
  • Host liquor liability is included if there is no exchange of money (host bar). 
  • Liability limits of $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 are available.

Venue Requirements

Depending on the type of venue you are holding your special event at, you will have to provide a proof of liability or a Certificate of Insurance. Venues typically require a minimum limit of liability coverage, so ensure you purchase the correct amount. Often the venue will also request that they be added as an insured on the policy. For that you will need the full address and legal name of the venue. 

Eligibility criteria to purchase special event insurance online

The following is required to purchase an immediate online Reliance Insurance Special Event insurance policy:

  • Confirmation that no insurer has declined or cancelled similar insurance for any reason (other than non-payment of premium).
  • Alcohol must be served by a qualified server. In British Columbia you will be required to have a valid Serving it Right License and a valid Liquor Permit for the date of the event.  (hyperlinks)


  • Fireworks & pyrotechnics.
  • This type of policy does not cover injury to entertainers & performers.
  • Coverage is limited to designated premises.
  • Premises coverage is limited to personal home or community facilities including recreation centres, community halls, churches, schools and city parks located in British Columbia. 

How do I purchase a special event insurance policy?

Reliance Insurance makes it easy for your to purchase your insurance online with an immediate policy to download. 

To purchase a policy:

  • Fill out the required fields including postal code and details about the event and the number of guests.
  • If your event matches the eligibility criteria you will be quoted a price.
  • Continue through to the credit card payment process. Reliance Insurance uses Stripe a secure credit card processing system. 
  • You will be emailed your insurance policy to print. 

There may be certain cases where the event does not meet the criteria. If that is the case a Reliance Insurance Agent will contact you to review your unique requirements and find an appropriate policy for your event. 

Types of acceptable events

  • Business meetings such as lectures, seminars, speaking engagements, meetings; 
  • Family Celebrations: engagement parties, weddings, baby/bridal showers, baptisms, anniversaries, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, birthdays, reunions, celebration of life;
  • Christmas or holiday parties;
  • BBQ's or picnics

If I buy a special event insurance policy online, who will help me if I have a claim?

You can be assured that the staff at Reliance Insurance is here to help you when you most need it. We have partnered with a leading Canadian insurance company who specializes in Special Event Insurance and has a superb claim service reputation. We are in the business to resolve insurance claims. Reliance even has a dedicated claims advocate to help navigate the claim process when required.

If you have any additional questions please call our personal lines insurance agents at 604-255-4616.

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*There may be circumstances where your insurance requirements require the expertise of a insurance agent. In the event the online system can not complete and issue a home-based business policy, one of our agents will call you within one business day to review your  insurance requirements.


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