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Call: 604.255.4616

  • Or complete the form for a callback

Call: 604.255.4616

  • Or complete the form for a callback
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Shopping for Insurance – If an insurance policy could talk, it would probably say, “Does anyone like me? I feel so misunderstood” It’s true. People would rather be buying a 60-inch flat-screen TV, or a new pair of water skis, than shopping for insurance. They’d rather binge-watch Game of Thrones or camp in one of BC’s beautiful provincial parks than decipher the complexities of an insurance policy. The fact is, the things we’d rather be buying or doing need to be protected with the right insurance coverage. It’s a grudge purchase; we don’t want to, but we have to.

The insurance industry knows it’s not the most glamorous, and there’s always going to be paperwork and documents involved that are tedious to fill out. That’s why Reliance Insurance believes customers deserve a simplified process for purchasing insurance coverage, whether it be for personal (home, tenant, auto, boat), small business or commercial.

Online Quotes

One of the greatest features of the Internet is it’s always open when shopping for insurance. Reliance Insurance offers an online quote process that’s designed with ease in mind and is available on the website, 24 hours a day. People looking for home-based business, trade and contractor, tenant or special events insurance can quote and buy policies directly. The process has been simplified, and if you qualify you can pay and download your policy immediately. If your policy requirements are a bit more complicated a Reliance agent will contact you directly. For homeowners, auto and commercial customers online quote requests will be answered the same day if completed before 6 pm, and the next day if completed after 6 pm.

Good credit score? Get a discount

Reliance Insurance also believes customers should have access to the best insurance rates possible. Now, if a customer consents to an optional, soft credit check (performed by TransUnion), they may be eligible for a 5 to 25 percent discount, depending on credit range and risk. If your credit score is good, this is an excellent opportunity to save some money.

The soft credit check won’t even affect your credit report, nor will it affect your premium should your score change over time. Customers are also assured that no matter what their score is, they will not be declined or denied insurance coverage. TransUnion does not disclose credit history or the actual score. Instead, they provide a range that ensures Reliance can offer the best possible rate.

Qualify for discounts with TransUnion soft credit check

  • Doesn’t affect credit score
  • Actual three-digit score and credit history remains private
  • Only name, date of birth, and length of time at address (previous address if less than a year) required
  • A soft credit check is optional

Easy payment options

Reliance Insurance offers a variety of payment methods to suit every situation:

Secure online credit card payment up to $5000

E-transfer payment via email

Pay by cheque in person or by mail

Premium Pay is an exclusive finance option for Reliance clients that prefer monthly payments on policies up to $10,000 per year. Affordable monthly payments mean increased cash flow, can be insured for more risk, interest is less than credit cards and most banks. Clients can still pay with a credit card to earn reward points or with e-transfers or direct debit. Reliance offers Premium Pay, in-house, so clients can easily and affordably finance insurance payments and do not need a line of credit or have to tap into one. We help you use your hard-earned money wisely.

Coming soon: 24/7 online customer portal

We live in a 24/7 world, and soon, so will your Reliance Insurance account. Personal and commercial clients will be able to access their documents online through a secure portal and, for example, make change requests, add/delete drivers/vehicles to auto policies, access/ reprint/request certificates, report a claim. Even if you’d just like an answer to a question, the portal will offer communication tools. This powerful, new Reliance online service is currently in beta testing mode. If you are a Reliance client, keep an eye on future communications regarding this exclusive state-of-the-art service.  If you are looking for better service from your insurance provider give us a call!

Ready for more?

Self-service options:

Tenant Insurance Info and online Quote and Buy

Home Based Business Info and online Quote and Buy

Contractor & Trade Info and online Quote and Buy

An agent will respond within one business day:

Home Insurance Request 

Small Business Insurance Request

Commercial Insurance

Or call us at 604.255.4616 for the proprietary Reliance Insurance risk assessment evaluation.

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